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House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., has announced majority party subcommittee assignments for the 110th Congress. In addition, Peterson announced that Tim Holden, D- Pa., will serve as the agriculture committee’s vice chairman.

The subcommittee on livestock, dairy and poultry will be chaired by Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa. Subcommittee members are Representatives Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.; Steve Kagan, Wis.; Tim Holden, Pa.; Joe Baca, Calif.; Dennis Cardoza, Calif.; Nick Lampson, Texas; Joe Donnelly, Ind.; Jim Costa, Calif.; and Tim Mahoney, Fla.

The subcommittee on specialty crops, rural development and foreign agriculture will be chaired by Mike McIntyre, D-N.C. Subcommittee members include Representatives Jim Marshall, Ga.; Henry Gueller, Texas; John Salazar, Colo.; John Barrow, Ga.; and Earl Pomeroy, N.D.

The conservation, credit, energy and research subcommittee will be chaired by Congressman Tim Holden. Subcommittee members include Representatives Stephanie Herseth, S.D.; Henry Cueller, Texas; Jim Costa, Calif.; Brad Ellsworth, Ind.; Zack Space, Ohio; Tim Walz, Minn.; David Scott, Ga.; John Salazar, Colo.; Nancy Boyda, Kan.; Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.; Dennis Cardoza, Calif.; Leonard Boswell, Iowa; and Steve Kagan, Wis.

Congressman Joe Baca, Calif., will chair the subcommittee on department operations, oversight, nutrition and forestry. Majority party members of the subcommittee include Representatives Earl Pomeroy, N.D.; Lincoln Davis, Tenn.; Nick Lampson, Texas; Steve Kagan, Wis.; and Nancy Boyda, Kan.

The subcommittee on general farm commodities and risk management will be chaired by Congressman Bob Etheridge, N.C. The subcommittee will include Representatives David Scott, Ga.; Jim Marshall, Ga.; John Salazar, Colo.; Nancy Boyda, Kan.; Stephanie Herseth, S.D.; Brad Ellsworth, Ind.; Zack Space, Ohio; Tim Walz, Minn.; and Earl Pomeroy, N.D.

Congressman Dennis Cardoza, Calif., will chair the subcommittee on horticulture and organic agriculture. The subcommittee’s members include Representatives Bob Etheridge, N.C.; Lincoln Davis, Tenn.; Tim Mahoney, Fla.; John Barrow, Ga.; and Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.