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Cheese Importers Association of America
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President's Message

Welcome to the Cheese Importers Association of America. This website is a wonderful resource and provides members and prospective members ways to learn how our organization can help.

We represent the firms that are responsible for the majority of the cheese imports into the United States. Other firms and companies find value in membership to our association because of either their service to our industry or their involvement in distribution of cheeses to the U.S. consumers.

Our Association's primary mission is to help our members understand regulatory issues. It is our responsibility to communicate with all appropriate government agencies that have jurisdiction over our types of products. We are very well positioned to stay abreast of and negotiate in regulatory, legislative and trade issues that impact our industry. We immediately analyze and communicate information to our members through very up-to-date email bulletins on a regular basis. We take action with these U. S. agencies as necessary either working through our own committees or with the help of legal counsel and/or professional lobbyists.

Great cheeses and great cheese makers deserve recognition for their work in the market place and our role is to make this market place efficient and contribute to the success of all specialty cheeses - imported and domestic.

We value your interest in our association and hope you will become engaged and active in the Cheese Importers Association of America either by involvement in the organization and committees or by attending our functions.

Dominique Delugeau


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10-06-2015 : CIAA Member Meeting
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